Vertex Shader Compiler
This is more a manual than an article. It is a pre HLSL vertex shader compiler in some ways better that HLSL.
Full source code is available.

ZT-Buffer In this paper I present a novel algorithm for real-time order-independent rendering of arbitrary transparent objects. I describe a general transparency algorithm with a detail hardware based implementation and outline pipelines for most common rendering methods. Additionally I motivate the design with future work notes.

Keywords: alpha blending, alpha sorting, transparency, order-independent, real-time, hardware based.

ZT-Buffer for Deferred Rendering
Coming soon.

Volume Transparency
Coming soon.

Subsurface Scattering
Coming soon.

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So many ideas and too little time in one lifetime. Some highlights:
  • Grass rendering (many angles)
  • Dynamic Tree global illumination (fast normal change)
Note: this list here is more for me than for you.