It all started when I bought a Garmin GPS 10 (a cute little BT GPS) and all software I got just wasn't what I expected. It either lacked maps for my country or functionality.
And so my little hobby project started.

  • Download maps from Google Earth and Local.Live
  • Background downloading.
  • Map caching.
  • Background loading.
  • NMEA 0183 GPS communication
  • Track drawing
  • Track logging
  • Track comparing
  • Display small lower zoom map
  • Battery status
  • Prevent device from entering standby mode
  • Settings
  • Send senzon initialization information for GARMIN
  • Show GPS battery status (if possible, not looking good thought)
  • Toggle between Google Earth and Local.Live mode.
  • Maybe a joint mode.

PC Application.
I also wrote a PC helper application with selectable map downloading feature.

  • Some UI :D
  • Toggle modes.