Insomnia is a working name for the engine in development.


Load in place

The basic philosophy under Load-In-Place is preprocess as much as possible: do not waste CPU ticks with operations that can be done offline.

In preprocess step all data is preprocessed and saved as it is in the memory so that on load time all that is done is load data back in the memory and fix pointers.

Deferred rendering

Deferred Rendering attempts to combine conventional rendering techniques with the advantages of image space techniques.


Powered by Ageia-PhysX.


Engine is tightly connected with a c++ based scripting engine.

Hardware requirements

Insomnia is a next gen engine so hardware requirements are high. It requires a DirectX 9 capable graphics card with 4 render target support and pixel shader version 3.0.

Compatible hardware:

         AMD ATI X1600+

         AMD ATI X2600+

         nVidia GeForce 6600+

         nVidia GeForce 7600+

         nVidia GeForce 8600+



David Pangerl , Ljubljana 2007


Tomislav Spajic, Stockholm 2007