Name: David Pangerl
Date of birth: 12. 13. 1975
Gender: male
Nick: evilme | evi1m3
Contact: david (at) actalogic (.) com

I was born a small country called Slovenia where I grown up (as you've probably noticed by now this is going to be a compressed version).
I started my professional programming carrier as a database programmer at a small local company BASS although my passion for graphics and games was always highly noticeable.
The step in the right direction was in the year 1999 when I for the short time joined a small startup Korean game developer company Axis Entertainment where I was working as a Lead Programmer on a project Crash (released in 2005 as Axel Impact).
In mid 2000 I returned to Slovenia and joined local game developer company Arxel Tribe and worked on titles Casanova, Hitchcock, Mistmare and Hannibal as a Consultant, Senior Programmer and finally as a Lead Programmer.

Currently I am a Chief Technology Officer of ZootFly a game development company two friends and I founded in 2002.
I'm specialized in engine architecture, rendering pipelines, special effects, game mechanics, script engines, dynamics, collision, etc.

Programming experiences
Engine architecture
I designed XUBL, open and simple yet extremely powerful graphics engine design based on plugins and managers.
Paper coming soon.
Computer graphics
This was my passion and driving force from the day 1.
My love for visual things started very early and never left. Sometimes I still find myself more interested in how thinks look then how they work.
Artificial Intelligence
"If you can't think find someone to think on your behalf or if you are a programmer write one."
I did a lot of research on AI pathfinding, from a simple node based A* search to a polygon based funneling and portals.
"Static world just ain't alive." and to make it move you have to add dynamics. The key elements in dynamics are collision detection and collision response.
Fields of research:
I written two C++ syntax similar script languages (Vertex Shader Compiler and xscript).

Additional interests
Internet data mining
"The problem is not if the thing exists but how to find it in a finite time."
Pocket PC
Gadgets, gadgets, gadgets... I just can't resist... And you can programme them :D
I never actually got around to make something (a lot of breaking thou), however I still find it irresistible to explore new gadgets.

My hobbies:
  • Programming
  • More programming
  • Research
  • Movies (sci-fi, fantasy, action, horror, mystery)
  • TV-series (sci-fi, fantasy, mystery)
  • Hiking
  • Skiing/boarding

Some fine art work of mine.